Sunday, July 03, 2005

Jewish Bloggers in the World Jewish Digest

Ever wonder how blogging changed my life? Wonder no more.

Want to hear the founders of Jewlicious and other popular Jewish blogs talk about their reasons for blogging, rendered sensitively and beautifully by Chayyei Sarah? Sate your hunger for blogformation.

Click on, my blogbrothers and blogsisters.


fsgsf said...

Blogging rocks!

Check out

PepGiraffe said...

I am running really behind schedule, but I couldn't resist saying these two things about the article you link to. (Yeah, I know, to which you link.)

First of all, is that the best insult they could come up with? Get a tan? You have a Jewish nose? I pity them. However, perhaps you just didn't want to publish others that you received because they were racist or foul or what have you. That leads me to point number two.

A nearly-friend-but-not-quite-there-yet has an exceeding annoying come back to anything that any one ever says to him. There is nothing you can say to him because it doesn't usually make any sense in the context he uses it. In that sense, he is brilliant. The phrase is, "Yeah? Well, so's your face!"

PepGiraffe said...

Oh. Oops. Apparently, he didn't make that up. It is quite common and I am just out of the swingo of lingo. It's still funny. So's your face. (No, not your face.) Hee hee.