Monday, July 11, 2005

JDate's Literal Poster Girl

The glamorous showbiz lifestyle has finally got its dirty mitts on the previously innocent Annabel Lee, luring her with corporate promises of beauty, billboard prominence and tank tops. Back in June (the post is from my birthday, which I attribute to that day's intrinsic glamour and luck), the divine Miss L received an email from evil corporate bastion of internet dating JDate that her picture had caught their collective eye. They extended seductive promises:

you'll not only enjoy a fun day with fellow JDate Members and the chance to be featured in our campaigns, but you'll also receive a $200 cash bonus and digital copies of your best looking headshots. You'll have great photos for your profile and to send to family and friends! Unfortunately, we cannot provide compensation for travel arrangements or other expenses, but in addition to offering you this exciting opportunity, we'll treat you to a delicious breakfast and lunch, and of course, some glamorous socializing.

Turns out, they had her at hello. Our girl enlisted for her day of "glamourous socializing" with other unsuspecting, L.A.-area JDaters who had also been caught in their taloned claws, much like King Kong did Fay Wray/Jessica Lange/Naomi Watts. You can read about her day here.


annabel lee said...

Thanks for the link! It was definitely the karmic power of your birthday that brought the stars into alignment...

Thomas said...

What is JDate's policy about non-Jewish interlopers?

Esther Kustanowitz said...

I believe, Thomas, that JDate doesn't check circumcisions at the door. I think they assume that if you're on JDate, you're interested in meeting someone Jewish, and beyond that they don't care. However, I must caution you (or whoever this question is about) that the Jewish women looking for Jewish men on Jdate get very peeved if they find someone they like and he turns out not to be Jewish.

For more on this discussion, see here.

Any other questions?