Thursday, July 14, 2005

For Everyone Who Describes Themselves as "Ripped"

This just in... Adonises and Adonisettes of the world, be sure to warm up, stretching all of the major muscle groups, jog over to the computer that's mounted over your treadmill, set the incline at 8.5 and the speed at 15 mph, and log on Fitness Singles, the site for people as obsessed with fitness as you are. That's right, now you can find someone who is as in love with his or her own body as you are with yours! Finally, the person to whom you can say, "honey, do these washboard abs make me look fat?" Follow online dating registration with a rigorous circuit training workout, ending in three reps of 8-Minute Abs, and followed by a cool-down.


Sarah said...

Oh, my God, I get so annoyed when I see that a man has described himself as "ripped." I'm like "who ARE you???"

I mean, it's one thing to BE ripped. BEING ripped is not, by definition, a bad thing. It's another thing to be so proud of it that you go advertising it like a snobby metrosexual pinhead.

And of course, it's yet ANOTHER thing entirely to call yourself "ripped" when really you are just "average" or "slightly more toned than average."


BitchFestivus said...

Very few men on Fitness Singles post profile photos of themselves wearing shirts, so visit this site and feast your eyes on the over-abundance of Man-Boobs and Speedos!