Thursday, July 21, 2005

"My Big Fake Jewish Wedding"

Weddings are supposed to be about joy and harmony, but the reality is, uniting two families is a complex negotiation, a diplomatic and tenuous situation, and rife with the opportunity for drama, comedy, and if you’re lucky, a good spot at the smorgasbord. For instance, take Leah Lowenstein’s wedding to Sam Levine. Leah’s a nice Bais Yaakov girl from a religious family; Sam’s in a rock band. Sam’s mother, Dr. Roz, has a popular radio advice show, but she has an awful relationship with Sam’s father, Morty. Dr. Roz has hired her “hippie rabbi,” Conrad Singer, to perform the wedding, unbeknownst to the Lowensteins, who have employed Rabbi Perl, a more traditionally Orthodox rabbi. The dysfunction flows like Baron Herzog into the glass of hyperactive, almost too-happy bridesmaid, Gitti Sara, who’s so desperate to get married that she solicits dates from the guests. Most of them just ignore the histrionics, turning their attentions to the kosher Moroccan-style buffet. Maybe you need a Jewish wedding refresher course. Or you’re sick of attending weddings. Or you’re considering a career as an Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn-style wedding crasher. “A Match Made in Manhattan” is a chance to attend nuptials where no one cares how you behave — as long as you participate in the simcha, and play Jewish geography until you find someone you know. (Like I did.)
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rabbi neil fleischmann said...

I agree with all the other comments on this post.

Thanks for a great article! (Others couldn't find the words, but I did!)

Pragmatician said...

You couldn't have put it more correctly.
Weddings should be about the bride and groom, unfortunately it's often more about how family "x" did this and family "y" did that.
Basically it's all about the prestige and talk around it brings to the parents!
For some snippets of what happened during the preparations for my wedding I refer to my blog (where at least I have the last word:)