Sunday, July 17, 2005

Putting the "Desperate" Back in "Desperately Seeking..."

[Originally posted at Jewlicious] Who doesn't love Jewish singles events? (I know, stretching the sarcasm until it transforms into a rhetorical question.) The Transom (which is apparently a section of the NY Observer) went to a Jewish singles night at the Upper West Side's Makor (Steinhardt Center of the 92nd Street Y). They interviewed Dave/Steve/Mike/Mark Jacob Manczyk (the names will change from event to event, but believe me, the issues remain the same), who spent the evening apparently either joking/flirting with the reporter or stumbling over his own words. (As you can see, sometimes it's hard to tell which...) Here's Manczyk on matchmaking:
“It’s an act of desperation, it’s unnatural. I wouldn’t want to tell my kids I met their mom through a matchmaker.” But the single-meet up scene hasn’t done the trick either, right? “Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m the one with the problem, the relationship issue. Maybe I’m the fool.” He looked up, eyes bright. “How old are you? Could you take off your glasses?” Michelle Lee, a 33-year old lawyer, is a JDate member and regular single event attendee. How has the matchmaking been going, the Transom asks. “I’m still single,” she sang. And the JDate, the singles events? “I’m still single,” she repeated.
She sang? I've attended many an event, and have never "sung" anything resembling "I'm single"--there's a karaoke event that might have seen a rendition of "I'm Too Sexy," but even that cannot be corroborated. I guess she's the one who puts the "sing" back in single.
The man she’s with, Dave Sanders, 39, is an engineer from Queens. He answers for what she’s looking for in a man. “You know, someone blond, blue eyes, likes to ski and travel,” he said. The Transom cringed as he described himself, but Ms. Lee giggled.
I'm still kind of cringing. But look, she found it entertaining enough that they're talking of margaritas for next week. So good luck to these crazy kids. Here's hoping they make it through and never have to attend any other Jewish singles events ever, me'az v'ad olam...IYH soon too by you, amen selah. Jewish Singles Events: Putting the "Desperate" Back in "Desperately Seeking..." Since Before the Common Era...

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