Thursday, July 07, 2005

Has a Movie Inspired You To Change Your Life?

If you're from somewhere other than NJ or NY, Glamour Magazine wants to know, has a movie inspired you to change your life? Writer Renatt Brodsky's looking for a few good movie-related epiphanies:

For an upcoming Glamour story, I'm looking for women ages 20-40 (who are not from NEW JERSEY or NEW YORK), who have have had a life-epiphany based on seeing a movie. In a nutshell, I want to know how seeing a particular movie inspired you to alter your life. We already have a few options for career-changing movies. We are now looking for movie epiphanies related to * love * family relationships * something personal (ex/ weight/health; drinking; self-confidence; etc.) If this sounds like you or a woman you know please have her email me the following by tomorrow, Thursday, 7/7 by 3:30 p.m.: 1. first and last name 2. age 3. city, state 4. email and number 5. Your story- What movie inspired you to alter your life? How so?

Personally, it was Pretty Woman that inspired me to move to NYC (because LA was too far and too hot) and try my hand (and my everything else) at prostitution, but I'm from NY, so Renatt doesn't want my story. If you contact her, tell her Esther sent you!


Zenchick said...

way to numerous to list!!

Anonymous said...

'Oh Brother, where art thou'? The only recent movie that has me continually writing a screen play in my head.

Cheers, 'VJ'