Wednesday, June 29, 2005

On Kissing and Not Kissing and Other Stuff

I've got readers who kiss and readers who don't. Whatever the reasons, religious or lack of opportunity or desire. But when Miss Fish writes about kissing, you just want to go out and do it. (Or maybe that's just me. In any case, it probably has nothing to do with the little imp-girl she met while she was out the other night.) On the flip side, there's P-Life, going all passionate in his head. Turns out he met a girl who's also passionate in her head. And they're being all expressive and stuff: Today we did a meditation exercise and it turned out that – when I was supposed to see my soul on its own light I couldn’t at all – your soul was so attached to mine that I couldn’t see my soul on her own. Saw us together as one. Sounds scary to verbalize it... And in a completely different vein, Anna Broadway, "enjoying" (or at least answering) lots of reader letters after her appearance in the Rolling Stone article about the new virginity movement, gets down and chaste (and as always intellectual) about being Queen of the Castle and why other should be Master of their Own Domains. (And I don't mean domain names. Those can be purchased from GoDaddy.) And a roundup wouldn't be a roundup without visits to H, who's over at Slay Your Demons taking on weak online dating profiles; Annabel Lee, who's ducking the usual JDate inappropriates; and Ari, who almost took a homeless guy back to her apartment for some lovin' and warns mothers everywhere to hide their sons.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Esther, That was a fun tour. Who knew such fun Jews!?

Cheers, 'VJ'

William said...

Esther; or Ishtar, the love goddess. You have quite a name to live upto: And with all the helpless singles there are, you need to be a goddess, I don't know if there has ever been a generation with so many men and women, unable to locate the true love thay thay have been craving. Esther, you are doing a wonderful service, I hope your love will find you soon.

Mel Balsamo said...

I'd like to speak for myself. I personally love kissing. It serves as my basis if I'd get myself involved with a guy deeper or not. I know it shouldn't be, you may think it's lame. But I personally think that kissing is the best way to express compassion and what have you.

Mel Balsamo