Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Week in Dating

This week has been a varied and interesting one for bloggers who date or post about the single life: Chayyei Sarah gets called back by a man. Really. It happened. But like I told her, it sounds kind of fishy, because that never happens in New York. So I have a call into the urban legends sites, just to be sure. Nice Jewish Girl (“34 and never been kissed”) posts an update on her struggle with Orthodox Judaism and her desire for physical and spiritual companionship. The Anonymous Blogger has a “dating emergency,” in which a woman writes him for advice. Read the post and his readers’ comments here. An anonymous reader shared info on “G-Spot,” the newest Canadian attempt to replicate the saucy success of Sex and the City. This info from TVTome is about episode 5, in which:
Well, that's it. Gigi's only doing Jews from now on. She doesn't care who they are - no one goes down on her unless they go to Temple! With Roxy's help, she takes matters into her own hands and enrolls in a Jewish internet dating site.
All of JDA's Canadian readers are invited to send their reviews of this series to me. Plus, is the old "When Harry Met Sally" adage true? Is it impossible for men and women to be friends without "the sex thing getting in the way"? Dr. Janice revisits the issue of friendships between men and women. Read the bulletin board postings and post your reactions here. And if you enjoy watching brides humiliating themselves for cash (and what red-blooded American singleton doesn't?), then you missed a bridal bonanza yesterday, as Bridezilla sponsored a contest in Times Square for brides to find a $50,000 check in a wedding cake. (How many Points is that?) Ah, dignity. No word if “cake-diving” is going to become a national pastime. This only would have been better if, during the cake-scavation, all of the brides’ bridesmaids had been on hand to beat the brides over the head with their own bouquets. (Not that I’m encouraging anti-bride violence.) Now that’s entertainment.


** said...

hi, i just came across your site. do you think it is true about the harry/sally thing? maybe so. oh well. ill stop back by, hope dating in NY goes a bit better.


Joseph said...

hi, the link to email you wasn't working so I've posted this here.

A few of us have just started a website in the UK,, and underground jewish satire site. please have a look, and if you like it put up a link and we'll recirocate.


Anonymous said...

I posted the text from the crucial "When Harry Met Sally . . ." film, which you can get to by clicking here. Thanks, Esther for the idea.

Dr. Janice

Princess Anonymous said...

I saw them setting that thing up in Times Square - I was wondering what was going on. So glad that I didn't stick around to find out.

Rye said...

And whenever someone throws down a "When Harry met Sally" quote, I throw back the perfect rebuttal by chuck klosterman. It can be found here (excuse my un html-ness)