Monday, January 24, 2005


It may be an honor just to be nominated, but the writer's ego is a fragile thing; do your part to patch mine, by voting for My Urban Kvetch and JDaters Anonymous in the Jewish and Israel Blog Awards. JDaters Anonymous, especially, needs your help--this scrappy little candidate is battling some big guns at her awards premiere, so if you'd like to be the champion for the underdog, here's your chance. The first round of polls is open until Sunday "late morning, Israel time." The details: You can vote once every 24 hours, so bookmark the site and make it a daily visit. Most categories have been split into two parts because there were so many nominees; the top 6 in each part will head to the finals. This means that if I do well enough in the qualifying rounds, there will be another announcement here next week, urging you to go back and vote for me again in the finals... As a reminder, My Urban Kvetch is nominated in several categories, so make sure to view the whole list before you vote.Of course, once you get to the IsraellyCool homepage, you may see other names that ring bells--a substantial number of the other nominees are also on my blogroll and in my rolodex. We're all winners, here, really. Vote your conscience; you'll do the right thing. And although I can't make any promises in terms of your romantic future, I will say that supporting JA and MUK can only be good for dating karma. (And if you're a reader who would like to be set up with a friend of mine, let me know and I'll see what I can do.) Plus, if you vote for me, I'll make sure there's a frozen yogurt machine in the cafeteria.

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