Sunday, January 23, 2005


According to
While most men appreciate Pamela Anderson's enhanced curves and J. Lo's derriere, they wouldn't change a thing about their sweethearts. More than 65% of Canadian men said they wouldn't want their significant others to undergo plastic surgery to change their appearance, according to a survey by Harlequin Enterprises.
In case you're wondering, that's Harlequin Enterprises, as in the publisher of so-called "women's romance fiction." You know, the books whose covers gave Fabio his so-called career and lifetime contract with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. So they've extended their reach into surveys, having polled 1000 men to get these remarkable insights:
  • "I believe in letting things be the way they are meant to be."
  • "If she wanted larger breasts to make her feel better about herself or to have more confidence, then I would support that. And hell, it's not like I don't get anything out of the deal."
Where Harlequin got the names of 1000 men for their survey, I cannot state for certain. Although I would not be surprised if they were husbands of the women who write or purchase these books.
Another point that might be worth mentioning--the survey doesn't say specifically that this holds true for single men. Hmm. Once your sweetheart is your sweetheart, it doesn't matter what he or she looks like. Of course all partners are going to say "I wouldn't change a thing"--it's better for shalom bayit (domestic tranquility). But it's in the three-ring-circus of singledom that the quest is for perfection.
If I still think that most single men would prefer to date naturally beautiful supermodels rather than surgically sculpted supermodels, does that make me an optimist?

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Bronco Buddha said...

Personally, I think the plastic-looking women are not that attractive. I prefer the more "natural" beauties like Natalie Portman and Jennifer Garner (love those dimples).

But I firmly believe the real key is finding someone you relate to who stimulates your mind and your heart. If that's real, the physical attraction builds naturally so that the need for a supermodel falls by the wayside and the only importance of looks is "does the thought of seeing the other person naked make you convulse with nausea?" There's a big difference between that and needing a supermodel.