Thursday, January 20, 2005


Or, find a way to pay in advance and walk there, but this sounds like a fun show. In Wired News: Geek Love, or Lack Thereof Rose's one-hour show, Scott's Search for a Rose, details his bungled attempts at applying computer logic to the illogical business of love. "It's a true story about my life as a Mac geek who grew up more comfortable with computers than women," said Rose. "It's a universal tale of searching for love and all the missed opportunities, mistakes and regrets.... It's a fun show." Rose, 32, is a professional speaker based in -- where else -- Los Angeles... Rose's show is part entertainment, part therapy (he wrote it after a breakup) and part elaborate pickup strategy. "If single girls want to come to my show, they'll get a really good idea of what I'm looking for," he joked.

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