Saturday, November 12, 2005

Singles Columnist War

I know two people who have written for the Jewish Week Singles column. Both of us are unmarried. Two columnists for the Jewish Journal, however, are engaged and/or married. (The first one proposed here, and assured us all that she had accepted, here. The second one announced his engagement--by cursing JDate for ruining his chances of becoming a singles columnist--here.) The two JW columnists are women. The two JJ columnists are men. Plus, more than one someone has suggested that the reason I'm not dating more is that men are afraid they'll be under a microscope and pop up either here, on My Urban Kvetch, or in my Jewish Week column. My predecessor told me that she experienced the same thing. But these JJ columnists, both men, don't seem to have experienced that fear from women. What does that say? Maybe it's just a difference between L.A. and NYC...a more laid-back, sunsoaked approach leads to sunnier, more optimistic choices? (The other JW columnist is now in the L.A. area, in a serious relationship, so we'll test this theory in vivo.) What, dear readers, are we to surmise from this sample of four? Is the divide along lines of gender, or geography? Or is the coincidence just that, a meaningless item of non-information, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing?


Anonymous said...

What, dear readers, are we to surmise from this sample of four?
I don't know, I looked at your live clips on your web site, getting the makeover and explaining Jewish holidays, and you were irresistible. Maybe you need a TV show and suitable male admirers will come crawling out of the woodwork. Though perhaps that's not the best metaphor for here.

Or maybe we should have coffee and talk about it.

marty said...

Are the two men engaged to one another and the two women engaged to one another? That is confusing.

PepGiraffe said...

I suggest the following:

1) There are more women than men creating a situation where the percentage of men getting married is by definition going to be greater than the percentage of women getting married (up til or until the time gay marriage is legalized).

2) Women are more likely to be attracted to writers than men are (which seems unlikely to me).

3) Men are in charge.

Anonymous said...

3) Men are in charge...
I recently read that men control 99% of the wealth in the world. I don't know, this must not include New York Jewish women (lot of Drs., lawyers, ad execs, professional yentas....).

Ken Wheaton said...

1) Men are much more thin-skinned about being mocked in public?
2) Women are much more likely to publicly humiliate a man for doing wrong. Whereas a man might write, "one time this girl i knew..." a woman might write, "Mr. TinyBalls, who I've been writing about every day since that one bad date, did it again"
3) A bit of both.

disclaimer: I haven't read any of the writers.