Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"Not That There's Anything Wrong With That..."

SJM seeking SJM...JDate's now totally gay. And I think that's super, thanks for asking. So if you're gay, and Jewish, and looking for a Nice Jewish Boy, now's your chance to experience the enchantment of online dating, JDate-style:

The popular Jewish online dating site expanded its search capabilities this month to allow gay men and lesbians to seek matches. The Web site, which is popular among Jews of all ages, now asks people for their gender and the gender they’re searching, allowing men to search for men and women to search for women.

[Hey, where have I heard about this before? Wasn't there a site specifically for gay Jews? I believe it was called QJew, and founder Justin offered me an exclusive for my column...maybe I should revisit that. Hey Justin, if you're reading this, tell me why QJew is better than JDate for finding a same-sex bashert...]

Seth Kamen of Bethesda, Md., watched his best friend meet her fiancee through JDate, and said he hopes to meet a Jewish guy through the service as well. “Judaism is a large part of my life,” said Kamen, 28. “I want somebody who can share that with me.” Beyond celebrating holidays, Kamen said he’s looking for someone with whom to raise Jewish children. Indeed, with more gay men considering adoption and child rearing, the issue of finding a mate of the same religion has taken on added significance. “Anything that can bring together two Jewish parents, whatever sex they are, is an important thing to do,” Kamen said.

I hope Seth finds his bashert. But in case he doesn't, and instead becomes as frustrated as we searchers of the hetero-Judaic persuasion, JDaters Anonymous is here to catch him in a community of the likeminded. Because whether you're a breeder or a big old queen, frustration with online dating unites us all.


Zoe Strickman said...

I don't mean to be the party pooper, but do you really think a Jewish dating site should be condoning gay dating? I suppose that's the difference between culturally Jewish and religiously Jewish.

Pragmatician said...

It would be interesting to know how many people who are looking for a gay relationship actually care if the partner is Jewish.

Nice Jewish Guy said...

Well, I know gay people to whom something like being Jewish is important, and some to whom it is not. Either way, having gay capabilities on JDate expands the pool for the gay community. I'm sure that non-Jewish gay people will bes earching there, just as there are already non-Jewish heteros on JDate.

What a world. I'm getting more disillusioned with JDate every month.

(in Al Pacino/Godfather voice): Just when I think I'm out....they pull me back IN!

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I think Woody Allen said that one of the advantages of being bisexual is that you're twice as likely to have a date on Saturday night.

marty said...

Can Jbestialitydate and jnecrophiliacdate be next?

Maybe, you can scroll down and find your jfetish and find someone w/a matching jfetish?

I hope that jdate marketing position is still open.

Needsabetterjob said...

" I don't mean to be the party pooper, but do you really think a Jewish dating site should be condoning gay dating?"

I don't think we are required to check people Tzitzit. By the same token, why don't u ask if people there are eating kosher or not? why do u focus on this one sin? it is a sin, as this is what is called in the Torah, so from the Jewish religious perspective it is. altho,
where they discuss it in the Torah, the act, was discussed primarily as a rape or forced situation. They do not go into the type of relationships these people have in modern times, but leaving that aside, why should these people be written off from a community that is only dwindling? Why not utilize their talents as volunteers, as members, to help? Do you know how many hours of volunteers are needed in a typical synagogue? Who is supposed to do this work?

The only argument from a frum perspective to make against this ad is that you would want them to try and change, to look for women. But they say they can't, it's not possible. It's different than food apparently. They cannot find a woman attractive.

Anonymous said...

Wow, did Marty really just compare homosexuality to beasitality and necrophilia? Way to go, guy. I guess you even one-upped Santorum with that one.

The First Date Chick said...

Nice Woody quote, anon =)

Lesbians have already been seeking matches. They just wasted their time thinking their matches could be someone like me.

So does this mean that if I put my profile back up, girls won't hit on me again? I'd be so happy to never have to write, "I'm sorry, but I like penises" again.

Needsabetterjob said...

I left out, that it is also a matter of human dignity. Since gays are not hurting anyone in their activities. It is different than someone who refuses to give a get, there the shule is not supposed to allow him membership or anything. This is enforced to a degree, granted not in every single case.

We have to take them at their word, that they cannot be attracted to someone from the opposite sex.

It may not be something that a hetero person can grasp, but it is a truth non the less.

Anonymous said...

That's what's great about online dating. Everyone has a right to be there. If they are not your cup of tea, don't talk to them. I say Good for jdate for being progressive. If you are a person so concerned with how the avarage member chooses to relate to judiasm, join Frumster. I have been thinking about telling my gay, jewish friend to join jdate. At the very least, it will mean more groovy people to go out and dance to Madonna music with.

Tyler said...

Can Jbestialitydate and jnecrophiliacdate be next?

Mmm, yeah, that's constructive. I suppose you haven't met too many gay people in your life then, huh?

You'd think Jews, of all people, would condemn fear and hatred of the other.

marty said...

Some people just don't get the joke, anonymous and tyler.

Where's the comparison dudes?

It's all marketing to different interests. That's the point!

To each their own.