Wednesday, September 14, 2005

"We Were Married in a Past Life"

According to Reuters, there's this Manhattan doctor who pretended to be single in order to woo two women who he met online; furthermore, he told them that they had been married in their past lives and that in this life, they were bound to rectify the mistakes they had made while married in that past life. Still following? Good. Because here's the kicker, that guy who was married in his past life to these two women? Was also married in this life...
A Manhattan fertility specialist has been sued by two women who say he broke their hearts after meeting them through an online dating site on which he pretended to be single.

In their lawsuits the two women, Tiffany Wang and Jing Huang, accused Dr. Khaled Zeitoun, 46, of pretending to be single and using mind games to entice them into sexual relationships with tales of past lives.

According to court papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court and made public this week, Zeitoun is married with three children. Wang said she met him in March 2001 through a Web site on which he said he was single and had never married.

"Zeitoun claimed he and Wang had been married to each other in previous lives," Wang's lawsuit said, adding that the doctor told her he had mistreated her in that life and "searched for her in this lifetime to correct his past mistakes."

Wang says that in May 2002, he asked her to marry him but only proposed "to see the look of joy on her face."

His marriage ended in 2004. And I bet he never saw it coming.


simcha said...

1. Are ladies named "Wang" particularly vulnerable to this type of scam?
2. The word "zeitoun" means "olives" in Arabic (similar to the Hebrew). A particularly oily character and smooth talker?
Beware of men named after produce? Simcha

Chutzpah said...

I date a CEO who promised to name the Women's Birthing Pavillion of a Major Hospital after me and then we could have our children there. He's "separated" with an "understanding" with his wife, but he told me he was divorced. Think I lawsuit against him? Nah, I think I should sue myself for being so stupid!