Tuesday, February 08, 2005


You've got plenty of uncoupled compadres to keep you company. Ken just wants to believe: "But the sorry truth of the matter is I still want to believe, if not for me, then for the rest of you. Hell, even when I get all melodramatic about being alone on Valentine's Day, it's still tinged with some sort of weird hope. I'm like the Fox Mulder of pathetic holidays." If you'd like to laugh at the whole prospect of marriage, try Veiled Conceit, the snarky spoof of the NY Times Sunday Styles wedding announcements. Whatever you do this Valentine's Day, don't drink and dial. Jmerica gives a nod to both JDaters Anonymous and JDatesGoneWrong. Over at Single Status, Gail Simons tells you about being a bridesmaid. Again. Chronicles of a JDater shares a very special IM conversation. My approach? Reclaim the whole damn thing as a day to concentrate on what you really need. (Although I always have the "it's not a Jewish holiday" crutch to lean on...which I do...heavily.) Check out my latest article on the subject: The Single's Guide to a Heart-Smart Valentine's Day (GenerationJ.com -- February 2005).

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