Thursday, February 17, 2005


I just got this email. Reproduced in its entirety: eye2eye PURPOSE: is intended for Shomer Shabbat / Shomer Kashrut TALL singles living in New York metro area. Men above 5'10 and women above 5'7. HOW TO SUBSCRIBE: To subscribe go to or send a blank email to Membership approval is required by the moderator in order to avoid abuses. SENDING AND REPLYING TO EMAIL: To send emails to the list, address them to Reply only to sender. EMAIL POLICY: The list is generally unmoderated, and a specific email policy is still evolving. The following are examples of emails that would GENERALLY BE APPROPRIATE: (i) events specific for tall people (ii) inquiring about someone; (ii) information about community events; (iii) meetings; (iv) requests for community action on behalf of Israel; etc. The following are examples of emails that would NEVER BE APPROPRIATE FOR ANY LIST: (i) jokes; (ii) auctions; (iii) offensive or disparaging emails; and (iv) Lashon Hara. Please sign your name in all emails. Thank you. Moderator, eye2eye And to think: I missed the "tall" category by TWO INCHES.


Gatsby said...

Wow, I'm not shomer shabbat, don't live in NY, and am not even tall enough to be a tall female. That's a group I should join.

Anonymous said...

So why the height gap? Is it so she can put on heels and still not be taller, which as we all know would cause the universe to end instantly. Or would it be a waste for a 5'7" man to date a woman his own height when there are 6" men who need her?