Monday, February 07, 2005


I'm of two minds. (Not unusual for me. Do I love Jdate? Do I hate it? OK, you all know the answer to that one now...) One side of me loves an underdog and wants you to vote for JDaters Anonymous for Best Culture Blog in the JIB Awards. But the realist in me would realize that I just can't beat me; the leader in that category is currently My Urban Kvetch. And I'm not gonna lie...I do want that virtual statuette. This house cannot be divided against itself. And it looks like only one of my babies has a chance of being victorious... I leave this matter in your capable hands, my precious readers (all four of you), and hope that "Team Esther" will emerge from competition, in some way, triumphant.

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annabel lee said...

Dude, there are way more than 4 of us...Or are you saying that only four of us are precious?