Thursday, February 17, 2005


I just visited JDate for the first time in two weeks--I wanted to see who had viewed me. (Which, having seen the group, is a desire I now officially negate.) And while I was there, I noticed something new! Apparently, the hordes have spoken, and "corporate" has listened, FINALLY giving JDate subscribers what they want: One-click opportunities to add JDate to your list of favorite sites and to set JDate as your homepage!! Hooray! I am so excited!! (...NOT!)


Andrea said...

Oh Esther. You build me up, then you let me down. Just like JDate. Just like men from JDate. Just like men.

You realize, though, that there are people hitting "refresh" to the JDate home page all day hoping they have mail or new matches? And every time they turn on their computers they want to see JDate staring at them.
If a man doesn't know how to JDate their home page, I do NOT want to date them. My guys need to have more tech knowledge than me, and not only do I have plenty, but a monkey can learn how to create home pages.
Is it just me or does it take everyone a lot time to get to the comment window after clicking "add comment"? I mean, I left to get something at the other end of the office, came back and it was STILL loading.

Esther Kustanowitz said...

No Andrea. It's not just you. Comments are flashier! With new pictures!! See the post and the comments as you write your comment! All great improvement, but the comments take so dang long...I'm switching My Urban Kvetch over to Typepad, and JDaters will probably follow soon after...

Andrea said...

I noticed the new comment page last week. Very cool.
First it was creeping along slowly but then it was immediate when I posted my second comment to your other blog.

People like Typepad. Sixapart (who owns it) seems like a cool company.

I almost expected a different piece of news about JDate with this reading. Almost. :)

Anonymous said...

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