Thursday, December 30, 2004


This one,, is for people with a passion for adventure and outdoor sports. Personally, I'm waiting for


Vendelascity said...

FEH! No more dating sites! KAKA! I actually met someone on Jdate recently who, much to my surprise, I'm interested in keeping around for a bit. He had long hair but cut it for me. He gave me *three* birthday gifts, and he cooked me dinner on New Year's Eve. Oh, and he has a dog! This guy, at first glance, is not my usual "type" looks-wise but his kindness is definitely a first (for Jdate men I've met in the past.) Thing is, he told me he's let his subscription lapse but I noticed that he logged on last night at 11:30. OY, red flag??

Grins said...

I am not a member of JDate, but I have done the online dating thing and am loving your blog. I'll be back. I have a few stories of my own experiences on my blog.