Monday, December 06, 2004


The Rocky Mountain News provides this feature on how to survive the loneliness of the holiday season. (See, it's a theme today.) One of the people they interview is Rachel Greenwald, the author of Find a Husband After 35 - Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School. Those of you who have been paying close attention will remember her name and this title from my recap of the Washington 14 Conference in March. Although her advice isn't awful, I can't imagine following her suggestion: She advises singles to make lunch or coffee dates with six friends and ask for a gift: a blind date with someone they know. Call me crazy, but I'm not convinced that blind dates are a present. They're awkward, and seldom as fun as, say, TiVo, or health insurance. Plus, there's the whole tricky wrapping element. But despite my skepticism, I'm open. As the famous saying goes, "Never look a gift date in the mouth. Unless you're a dentist. Because then it's your job."


Anonymous said...

Health insurance?! Oh Esther, that would really be a GREAT gift!


Bronco Buddha said...

I thought the whole trick is to "unwrap" the boy/girlfriend. ;-)