Saturday, December 04, 2004


If only The Jewish Week had printed the column I submitted this week, I could have looked like a trend-setting prophet. It was all about how people label themselves as Jews, especially within the online dating context, pointing out that some JDaters who opt to describe themselves as "Unaffiliated" are actually not even Jewish to begin with. But of course, my column was bumped due to advertising space needs and this small-town paper called the New York Times beat me to it. (Not to quibble over who's climbing on whose bandwagon here, but...) Apparently, those Jew-seeking daters are hoping to find a stereotypically nice Jewish girl or boy...and doing quite well for themselves. Don't we all wish we could say the same? The column should appear next week, when it will appear that I'm basing my article on the one that appeared in tomorrow's Times. You, gentle readers, will know the truth. (And thanks to the person who gave me the Anonymous tip on the article.)


annabel lee said...

I bet your take on it will be more insightful and more thought-provoking. And unlike the Times reporter, you won't have to confess that you're part of the problem. Sorry you got scooped, that's lousy.

Susan said...

I concur with Annabel Lee. What I don't get is, where are all the nice Jewish guys who treat women so well? Thankfully, all of the Jewish men I have dated have been basically decent human beings, but I would hardly consider most of them desirable enough dating material to go pining after. Many of my dates have been painfully shy guys with no sense of direction who live with their mothers and have no clue how to plan a date. (Full disclosure -- most of these have been blind dates.) Either these shiksas have been mislead, or the non-Jewish dating pool is infinitely worse, which is a very sad statement indeed.
Incidentally, there was a Sarah Richards in my journalism school class, and I wonder if she is the author of the NY Times article, though I have no way of knowing. I say, get your own Web site -- call it