Thursday, December 02, 2004


I do a lot of complaining about what men put in their JDate profiles. I'm harsh sometimes, but I don't name names, which I hope creates a learning experience for these poor gents. Equal time to the guys, now. Here's Todd with his list of 16 weird photo things women do in their JDate profiles. He points out how some of these items are indicators of red flags, like having no picture. I have to do this stuff too. But Todd knows that.


Vendelascity said...

I LOVED Todd's post. I can so relate! Let's be honest, with online dating sites, all we really have to go by are the photos, how many typos there are in a profile and if they even bother to take the time to spell-check. That may seem harsh and shallow but it's reality. If someone can't deal with the fact that online daters are quick to make judgement calls based on photos, they are thin-skinned and shouldn't use Jdate or Match, etc. in their quest for an open-minded man/woman who can read between the lines (and blurry photos). In fact, I recently posted something similar on my own blog. Like Todd, I'm continually *amazed* at some of the photos people choose to "market" themselves! You can view my own take on this at this link:

Anonymous said...

Check out this article about non-Jews who use jdate: