Wednesday, September 22, 2004


I know I've been linking to Chayyei Sarah a lot lately. But what can I say, this Jerusalem babe's got good stuff. Firstly, a correction to the Saw You at Sinai post appears here; if you read my original post on this, please read this update. She makes several important clarifications to her original post, and has asked that those of us who had quoted this post also post a link to the correction. (Check.) Also via Sarah, there's this appalling story. I'm giving you the link not to spread malicious gossip about the person who betrayed the writer, but so that you can all send the heartbroken writer lots of love and encouragement. It's been said that when someone is ill, every visitor takes away one-sixtieth of their sickness. In this case, her affliction is emotional, but I think the more encouragement and love we send her, the easier she'll find the whole process of moving on. So let's use the internet for non-nefarious purposes, to bring our unknown new friend comfort during a difficult time.

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