Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I've been all over the place for Amy Sohn. Many miles, many trains. Three trains to Brooklyn to interview her last week. Another three today to her reading at the Barnes and Noble on Astor Place. (And that latter three was after a morning spent soaked to the skin after the monsoon that somehow penetrated the near-impregnable subway system.) Her columns--"Female Trouble" and "Naked City"--are a braver, rawer, less Jewy version of my own. The notoriety of her subject matter is something I'm not sure I want for my own, but I certainly don't mind being around it once in a while. Genuinely funny, so much prettier than the sullenness of the book jacket photo would have you believe, Amy is surprisingly down-to-earth. Especially for a sex columnist. And all the miles? It was worth it, if only to hear her say "Being a writer is like a fusion of being a rabbi and an actress." (Hmm. Both careers I've had suggested to me at various points in my life. Why didn't I think of this?) I'll write more about the interview at a later date. For now, check out her new book, My Old Man (which I keep calling "This Old Man") and her column in this week's New York Magazine, about the dates who fade away. Men and women, we've all been guilty of this one. Any other dating sins to confess? Feel free.

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