Tuesday, May 11, 2004

WHAT'S YOUR PROFILE PET PEEVE? You know you have them. Those things in people's profiles that really irk you something awful. It doesn't matter if the person profiled looks like Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston: you see this phrase, and you're outta there. It can be a simple statement or a run-on sentence, but it is probably a few boring words strung together that don't tell you much of anything about the person. So, which profile proclamations constitute your pet peeves, and why? I'll share a few to start you off: * "Friends and family are important to me." (Duh...) * "I like to laugh." (Bully for you. I like to breathe.) * "She should feel as comfortable in jeans as she does in a little black dress." (This describes no one I know. Sweats are the most comfortable, but no one brags about that...) * Spelling errors in third-grade level words, misused verbiage or excessive use of the abbreviation LOL. * "She should have a sense of humor (laugh at my jokes)." (Hello, not the same thing.) And oh, there are more. But I'll open the floor to comments from the peanut gallery.


Esther Kustanowitz said...

Reconstructed the blog...here are the comments from the previous incarnation.

How about--I work hard, but play harder.
Moi | Email | Homepage | 05.12.04 - 4:55 pm | #

Wow! You have friends! I hate group photos, even if the poster points herself out. Cropping is a beautiful thing.
dcboy | 05.13.04 - 1:51 pm | #

Spelling and grammar mistakes are my biggest pet peeves. This is your first impression, y'all -- if you can't be bothered to proofread, I can't be bothered to read or write back. (This goes for first e-mails, too.) Runner-up pet peeve: a toss-up between, "I only have 500 characters to tell you about myself. Where should I start?" and "They want at least 200 characters, so I'm just trying to fill up space."
M. | 05.13.04 - 10:46 pm | #

I apologize to the proprietor of this blog (you should give yourself a name, BTW) and anyone else who misunderstood my post. I didn’t mean to imply that I’m surprised she has friends (or readers). I meant to convey how I feel, sarcastically, when I encounter a group pic in a profile. So, how about this pet peeve -- silly jokes that are hard to understand in writing
dcboy | 05.14.04 - 4:46 pm | #

DCBoy...no worries. We're all cool here. The reason I don't have my name up here prominently is because this isn't supposed to be about me; it's about the group...

But if there's a need, I'll reveal myself as the great and powerful wizard...

I think we can all agree that "jokes that require tone to be understood properly" do not translate well over the email...
Esther | Email | Homepage | 05.14.04 - 5:16 pm | #

I'm gonna ask one of those chicks out on a date that *requires* a little black dress and jeans.
avialan | 05.24.04 - 2:25 am | #

and a couple of my own special do's & don'ts.

Do write about yourself, your life, your views. It's all good. Don't write about writing a profile. Yawn. Down with meta-writing!!

Positive energy rules. Do tell me what you do want. Don't tell me what you don't want. Fear not, I know how to do the math. I skip profiles full of negs. (counterargument, i suppose a lot of people don't know how to do the math...)

re: photos. cropping's good, but how cheesy is it when outline of ex-boyfriend can still be made out?

Esther, thanks for creating this site.
avialan | 05.24.04 - 2:48 am |

Lyss said...

"I like to go out and party, but also like to stay home and watch a movie" (or similar). That is such a braod statement which tells me nothing about you.