Monday, May 10, 2004

A JDATERS ANONYMOUS PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: A MATTER OF SIZE A little hint, boys: When emailing, IM'ing or talking to your intended JDate lady on the phone, DO NOT ask her what her bra size is. I know some of you are definitely "breast men," but to have this subject come up in the first conversation is simply not appropriate. I didn't think it was such a far-reaching problem, but after hearing the same complaint from three different women in three different cities, I can only assume that there's either one perp whose interests span the nation, or that this is becoming a more common question. Ladies, should you find yourself asked this question, I wanted to suggest a few appropriate responses: "I'm an Infiniti ZX." (This should confuse them.) "None of your business, and I must bid you good day, sir. I said, GOOD DAY!!" (This is very good if you're British and live in the 19th Century.) "Well, now you'll never know." (Particularly effective followed by an immediate hangup.) "Well, I'll tell you, but I have to ask you how many inches you are. I only date men in double digits. Unless you'd be willing to get a penile implant..." (When you hear nothing from the other end of the phone, feel free to hang up.) In summary: If you want to know if a woman is well-endowed, wait. Work on your inner monologue and your conversational filters. If you're charming and sincere, you might get to find out for yourself. But this is not important information to know before you even meet her... Growing up in yeshivaland, there were always a couple of boys who talked about a woman's middot (values) and meant middot (size) wasn't charming then, nor is it now... So ask us other things--about what we read, what we think, what we like to do, but steer clear of a question like this one, unless you're getting the clear green light. If at any point you encounter a woman who likes to be asked this question before the first date, please have her write an entry for this blog and send it to JDaters Anonymous. Thank you.

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