Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sex and the City Strikes Back

Just when you think it's over... A few weekends ago, I watched the final season of “Sex and the City,” with DVD extras, commentary on the last few episodes, etc. The truly preposterous alternate endings made me appreciate the “Carrie and Big Take Manhattan” scenario that the series decided to go with. I won’t ruin it for you here, in case for some reason, you’re super-stoked to discover these decoy endings for yourself. But I wouldn’t bother. You’ll just find yourself staring at the TV, saying out loud “That’s so stupid!”—trust me on this one. In the interim, there’s other SATC related writing going on out there in the blogosphere. Dawn Eden ponders the meaning of single against the backdrop of SATC, and proposes the alternate descriptor: “singular.” As the writer of a twice-monthly column called “First Person Singular” (which I named, BTW), I can’t help but relate to that sentiment. Denise (finally) watches the last episode of SATC (where HAS she been?) and is pensive, envying different aspects of each of the main characters. I read on the subway this morning that Kristin Davis and Steve Martin may be dating. I think he's brilliant, and Lord knows, I get the appeal of funny. But I'm not sure how I feel about about this. I feel like he may be a little smug for her (side effect of comedy brilliance, as I've seen), but what do I know? I wish them well... And of course, we've got SJP in those annoying GAP ads. And making deals with HBO to develop new shows. Think any of them will be about single Jewish gals living in NYC? Not likely.

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