Monday, March 21, 2005

I Found a Jewish Single Guy!!

But he lives in Damascus. Alas. So Sami's a little bit geographically undesirable. But it's not like he lives in Brooklyn, or anything dreadful like that...and we'd have lots in common: he comes from a family of matchmakers, I attended a workshop for matchmakers. He's the deputy head of the Jewish community, I'm the unofficial Mayor of the Jewish Friends Zone. I just finished watching the DVDs of Firefly, a space western, and his region is regularly pelted by sandstorms. The problem? He doesn't seem to know how to communicate. His instant messager is always set to "Away," so I never know when he's online, screening his IMs, or if he's just not around. Plus, there's that whole "I'm the last single Jew in the country thing" that gives off both elitism and desperation simultaneously. And that's my issue, learning to deal with that... What do you think? Can this relationship be saved? (Hat tip: Jewlicious)

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Andrea said...

See, I saw the headline in Bloglines and KNEW there was a catch before I expanded it to read the whole thing.

Speaking of Firefly (and Buffy- because it's always potentially about Buffy), a girl I know online and met once got Joss's autograph on the weekend. AND, he called her a short-form of her name ("Abby" was called "Abbs", which isn't really a short form but anyway...) and was really sweet.