Friday, March 04, 2005


JDaters Anonymous readers are all levels of optimistic, intelligent and jaded. But they're also funny... And here are two examples for your amusement: First, because I read it first, is Superjux’s Conversation with her Doctor: Doctor: In the meantime, what method of birth control are you currently using? Me: Um, Jdate. Seems to be working well. And coming in second (because I read it second) is Annabel Lee (responding to one of my previous posts, about the non-Jewish guy who is considering joining JDate): Be honest, and beware of falling clich├ęs. Indeed.


annabel lee said...

Wow, you cited me in two posts in a row. I'm honored. :) And you put the accent mark on "cliche," which I don't know how to do. You're so cool.

Andrea said...

It seems that every time I'm at a party with Jewish guys (I've been tto a few recently) they want to discuss JDate, their experiences with it and people's profiles because they're all active members.

That in itself is a turnoff and thus a method of birth control.