Monday, January 30, 2006

Very Interesting Discussion, Kids...

For the most part, very well-behaved, respectful discussion of two very interesting subjects: friends with benefits, and age-based dating decisions. I enjoyed checking in with the conversation from various tropical climes, and once I've fully read through the discussion thread from start to finish, I will hopefully get around to doing some additional commenting on the subjects myself! Things you can do to entertain yourselves in the interim: -- Visit Hilary and Annabel Lee (as well as constant supporters C and Ken "Long-Lost" Wheaton), and show them some comments love -- Vote over at the JIBs (Jewish and Israel Blog Awards) -- Visit Jewlicious and read about our upcoming conference on Jewish identity -- Register for said conference -- Check out "It's a Blog World After All," an article in the Jewish Journal about Jewish blogs


annabel lee said...

You're a blogging guru! Of course, I knew that already. Thanks for the link, too... :)

JH said...

Hi Esther and Annabel.

I wanted to contact you about a possible writing opportunity. Do you have an email address where I can send you some info?