Tuesday, January 17, 2006

For Your Consideration: Two More Voting Days

Watching last night's Golden Globe Awards, it suddenly struck me that I've been remiss in mentioning here that JDaters Anonymous has been nominated for Best Humor Blog in the Jewish and Israel Blog Awards. And since I don't have a tip jar on this site or a fancy graphic pointing you to my Amazon Wishlist, I'm asking for a retroactive Chanukah present. Check out the main page of the JIB Awards site (and/or my recap of the category on Jewlicious) and if you feel I deserve it, spend a few minutes voting for JDA for Best Humor Blog. Let's be clear: I don't expect to win. A few of those blogs have more visitors per day than I do all year. Statistically speaking, it's not possible for me to win. But I'd like to rate a little higher, and if you'd like to help me, I'd be most grateful. While you're there, check out My Urban Kvetch's two nominations, for Best Personal Blog and Best Culture Blog (the one contest where I have a chance of making it to the next round). And what the hell...why not vote? The only other pitch I'll make is for that other blog I'm all enmeshed with: Jewlicious, which is pretty much nominated in every category. Of course, feel free to explore some of the other options there and vote it up big time for the blogs you like. And thank you all for your voting support, as well as for your active commenting here...JDA wouldn't be the same without you...

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Needsabetterjob said...

OK we will vote and we will hear, lol.
Good luck!