Saturday, January 07, 2006

David Wants Hilary to Have His Baby...

That's right. Hilary, who's had a particularly tough day, comes home to find this postcard in her mailbox. It's from David, a self-proclaimed "mensan" who wants to have a Jewish baby, and he is willing to insult every Jewish woman in the 310 area code Greater Los Angeles area in order to do it, by making them self-conscious about the fact that their biological clocks are ticking. Plus, he apparently makes a killer klezmer cocktail, which, I don't think I'm interested in unless there's vodka in it.


Hilary said...

Ahem. I am in 323, not 310. But yeah, I am rather annoyed.

VJ said...

With Esther's indulgence, I'd like to post here what I wrote to Hilary's blog ( on this unusal fellow and his approach. I do this because this site may have a different audience. So this has been cross posted at the SuperJux site: []. This is edited somewhat for content.
This is where a little knowledge of the mail & mass marketing biz would come in handy. They don’t need to know much about you to make good predictive ‘guesses’ over your status and likelihood of being a good prospect for the service or product sought. They’ve got much better at this over the last decade or so. They can sort your zip code (and much smaller blocs) by age, household composition, and yes, marriage status and of course by last name from postal records. They start with the Census data and then add on any other data bases they need. Some of these can be driver’s license records in some states too. So depending on what you want to spend, you can find almost anything about anyone, or any population you’re targeting. Income levels are a bit trickier, but you can get very close by sorting by neighborhood.

Suffice it to say we can suspect that:

1.) He’s spent a lifetime of Jdate memberships on this gambit. Figure at least 15-20K(??) at the outset. Stacey might have some more insights on this too.

2.) Of course this guy’s seriously desperate, pressed for time, and may be amply funded in this effort by a desperate momma and/or family .

3.) Of course this could very well be some sick ‘Reality TV’ stunt.

4.) It goes without saying that we can imagine that he has the personality of an elderly eggplant, and ugly. Why else does he neglect His photo over the generic blonde kid?

5.) This is done every day in IVF procedures, typically with college age women selling their eggs to couples who DO advertise successfully in many college newspapers. And yes, there are ‘brokers’ for such arrangements. It’s just when a guy does it that we get all weak in the knees. My thought is that next time he’ll get his sister or a friend to claim that they’re an infertile couple and have a bit more chance of success.

Cheers, ‘VJ’, ga.

OK Out of sheer curoisity, I did what others need not. I visited his site, (DP’s). His press clippings for his music biz speak of a ‘Quirky, Perky Perkins’. He really is Jewish. He’s quite conservative politically and a multi instrumentalist. Like much of the rest of the world, he has a web design business. He also does kids parties, weddings and other festivals. Balloon animals abound. He’s quite gregarious, seems to be reasonably successful in his various ventures, and for certain is a highly unusual guy. He’s probably in his late 40’s to early 60’s by now. (It’s actually very hard to tell!). Balding w/ glasses. He might even be good with kids too. Women, perhaps less so. There’s my summary. Cheers, ‘VJ’

VJ January 6th, 2006 | 11:49 pm Update from the last query: He says in an older clipping that ‘he’d like to be married, but his courting sucks’. Prior gambits along this line were ads he took out in the Jerusalem Post. Several (35!?) anti Rabin ads, and a few ‘looking for a wife’ ads. He said everyone remembered the looking for a wife ads. They must have been pretty bad too. And no, he looks nothing like the picture of the baby either. So I also think it’s doubtful this is a reality TV stunt. Just another semi accomplished, very lonely, very clueless guy. I’m betting he might even be a hit on Jdate, but that he’s never tried it. Cheers, ‘VJ’, ga.

[CUT] ...So ask not how he did it, that’s pretty obvious, pathetic though it may be. The real question is why he thinks this is the best way of going about his goals, and why his goals (other than a child), are seemingly not all included or stated in the ‘package’. I also find nothing about this current venture spelled out on his website.

I think despite what [SuperJux commentator] Scott says he can vouch for, there are plenty of ‘brilliant, honest & talented people’ who find relationships with women & indeed marriage difficult, which again is something DP openly admits to. It’s a very unusual approach to ‘baby making’, and it’s another gambit ‘wild enough’ & almost well crafted to get him some more media attention as an ‘eccentric’. That’s something that he clearly prizes though, to tell from his past experiences. I know very few people who would describe themselves as ’spiritual giants’ though. I predict we see him on some TV show before the month is out. Best money he’s probably spent in years. I hope this helps someone. Cheers, ‘VJ’ ga.

Anonymous said...

very disturbing. I would looove to sue those who sold him addresses of women. Pfff!
- Shiri

VJ said...

Like I said above, I believe and strongly suspect that everything he did was legal. That it was ill-advised and poorly worded (among other obvious problems), is another matter. But marketers do this sort of thing every day. It arrives in your mail box already massaged and waiting for you. So creepy and icky yes, illegal, probably not. Ergo, you'd have very little 'standing to sue' anyone but perhaps Mr. Perkins himself, and even that would be a very tall order. I don't think it's ever been done successfully in the last 40 years or so. There would have to be a showing of manifest harm done to certain defined 'victims'. Feeling icky and insulted is not typically accepted here, and if it was most of the modern media would disapear in a flash of embarrassment & conceit. Cheers, 'VJ'

Tovya @ Zion Report said...

Well that's certainly one way to get married (though not the recommended way).

david said...

Greetings Fine Folks,
Please accept my apologies if you got upset with my direct approach. I do like eggplant prepared in a variety of ways. You can see my baby photos and a few hundred more on my website or The stock photo of the baby doesn't seem to have gone over so well. Feel free to be in contact.