Monday, August 30, 2004


My life dreams have all been attained. In one week, I've become a new genre, inspired a catchphrase that's undoubtedly sweeping the nation faster than you can say "Baby Fish Mouth," and I've been compared to Molly Ringwald. You all know that I really like my JDate profile. It used to begin "Funny, smart and sassy..." until I met Evan and he criticized my use of adjectives. So I changed it, and came up with something catchy..."Too cool for shul, but I go anyway. Sometimes." This is actually a perfect description of me--couldn't have written it better myself. (Um, right.) Anyway, imagine my surprise when I saw this catchphrase listed as a headline on JRant. It linked to a post on JDaters Anonymous regular Passionate Life, in which P-Life recounts his perusal of my profile and the subsequent adoption of my catchphrase by his entire family over Shabbat dinner. Clearly, he didn't sleep enough that night (or since), because he also thinks I look like Molly Ringwald. ( I told him, I'll take it!) Later in the post, P-Life submerges himself in a reverie in which he imagines the girls he loved in high school and actually invents a prom. Since no one's ever written an ode to me, let alone created an imaginary prom, because of something I wrote, I'm flattered! To reward him for comparing me to an 80s icon, let's send good JDaters Anonymous karma over to P-Life...

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