Thursday, August 26, 2004


And by "children," I mean my columns. (Self-promotion alert...) I thought it was time to post my master list of singles columns, here for your reading and commenting pleasure. "Separation Anxiety"--On the subject of separate seating at weddings (NY Jewish Week, 8/27/04) "Darkness Visible" --Singles column about spiritual darkness and an actual blackout (NY Jewish Week, 8/13/04) "The Blaire Hitched Project"--An interview with ""'s Blaire Allison (NY Jewish Week, 7/30/04) "Life After Sex & the City"--An Interview with writer Cindy Chupack (NY Jewish Week, 7/16/04) "A New Profile, a New You"--Revising my JDate profile, with help from (NY Jewish Week, 6/11/04) "Activism, With a Side of Love"--The social scene at the UJC Young Leadership Conference (NY Jewish Week, 5/07/04) "Adam Mesh, Average Mensch"--An interview with reality TV's "Average Joe" and his parents (NY Jewish Week, 4/09/04) "Seuss and the City"--A poem on living Jewish and single in NYC (NY Jewish Week, 03/06/04)

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