Wednesday, September 20, 2006

NY Times Vows in Video!

If you've run out of friends who decide to get married, you're undoubtedly missing all of the "how we met" stories that happy couples regale listeners with... But now you're in luck: The NY Times has launched a new Vows site, complete with videos of the happy couples talking about how they met. Allow me to recommend: 1) Sheera and Steven talk JDate, Swamp Thing and paying for your own filet mignon 2) Matthew and Shari learn that there are cool places on the Upper West Side, and how Hawaii vacations can break up your relationship... 3) Lisa and Sam meet on JDate and experience some relationship turbulence... Beware...viewing these videos might make you simultaneously long for romance and long for anti-nausea medication. Or maybe that was just me. Mazal tov to all the happy couples...


Anonymous said...

My goodness! It actually seems like Lisa didn't feel INSTANT CHEMISTRY with Sam on their first date! She actually says he didn't ask anything about her and they talked only about art ... but they had a good time. And ... there was not even a good night kiss on the cheek!

Yet somehow they managed to go on another date! Two people with the patience to let the friendship/relationship/romance and chemistry develop! And look at the reward!

Will wonders ever cease!

Blogger S.

Ro said...

Wow I tottally need a root canal after watching that!

Just another reason to hate the NY times.

SpeakEasy said...

Even being married, I find that subject to be capital "C" CHEESE. Or, havarti, I guess.

Look how perfect we are for each other. Look at us. Probably divorced in 5 years.


Chutzpah said...

The only person that gains anything from this type of programming is the Advertising Sales Representative for the New York Times Online who sold the pre-clip time to Lexus. Now if they were smart they would sell the pre-clip time for the "Mother's Kvelling" segment to Fosamax.
For much more enjoyable advertising, view the music video at www.shaveeverywherecom.
And for G-d's sake, whether you are single or married, don't watch shit like this, it'll just make you feel like you are lacking in the the love and romance dept. If you are bored enough to watch these then it means it's time to take up a few new hobbies or turn on some Seinfeld re-runs, or maybe just send some nasty fake emails to the creepy guys on Jdate...that one always makes me feel better.

Anonymous said...

I am an ex-JDater. After a hundred or so bad dates and loads of men that pictures are a minimum of 10 years old, and even some that I don't even believe it was their picture, I would never bother watching these clips. Since there are a million or so members, at least throught the time of the internet in Jdate, the numbers are just so that they must have some good stories. However, those are few and far between. Jdate is just a big waste of time and money in my opinion.