Sunday, September 24, 2006

Let's Get Married...Britney-Style

If you wanna be like Britney, there are a few ways to do it. 1) Let your baby drive, then drop him on his head. 2) Have "Irish twins" (two kids in under two years). 3) Get married in Vegas. Opting for Vegas (baby, Vegas)? Smart choice. And now Wedlok is here to help you in two ways: 1) To corrupt your understanding of how to spell wedlock, and 2) To tell you everything you need to know about getting hitched in Vegas. I've never been to Vegas. But I hear that what happens there, stays there, unless you need meds prescribed after or go into labor nine months later.


Above Rubies said...

"Irish Twins" are two children within a 12 month period. More Yeshivish than Irish, eh?

Chutzpah said...

You and I should hit Vegas in Jan.!!! I've also never been there but the man of my dreams will be playing at the MGM Grand then.

datingirl said...

Just discovered your site. Funny. Smart. Refreshing.