Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hooray for Singles!

Sometimes singles feel reluctant to admit their uncoupled status, as if it's some sort of stigma or something...well, singles rejoice! Because now we can take couples in a fight--we've got the majority advantage. According to, the number of unmarried Americans (which includes singles, widowed, and divorced Americans) is now at 50.3%, In your face, Married America! And if that weren't enough good news, I'm pleased to also share with you the discovery that National Singles Week is 9/18-23, which begins Monday and runs through next Saturday. (No revelry on Sunday the 24th, though. I don't know why we don't get a Sunday. That's just the rule. Don't ask me. I've got no sway with them, unfortunately. Maybe National Singles Week just "doesn't make Sunday...because of God.") National Singles Week was started by the Buckeye Singles Council in Ohio in the 1980s to celebrate single life and recognize singles and their contributions to society. So in tribute to all the wonderful singles out there, I'm asking you all to submit your nominations for "Greatest Human Contribution by a Single Person." Or some other such category. Consider it open nominations for any category involving single people. Allow me to get you started with some suggested categories...the rest is up to you:
  • Most Responsible Online Dater
  • Least Likely to See a Matchmaker
  • Best Performance Involving an Embarrassing Situation
  • Best Online Dating Profile
  • Best Singles Book
  • Best TV Representation of Single Life (Since the Cancellation of Sex and the City)
  • Most Creative Breakup Strategy
  • Best Blog on the Subject of Singles and Dating
And no, that last one doesn't have to be me. And you don't have to stick to these categories either. You know, just like in rules here. Just be nice to each other. After all, in the world of the uncoupled, we all have to stick together. Happy National Singles Week to all you JDaters Anonymousers....


annabel lee said...

Best Single Writer of Words to Warm, Comfort, Enourage, Entertain, and Inspire other Singles: hmm... could possibly be all of those?

Sarah said...

My vote, on a more serious note, is for Henrietta Szold, the never-married founder of Hadassah Women and Youth Aliyah. Countless people's lives have been saved over the years because of her.

Anonymous said...

What about all the married people who are in "dead marraiges" (probably at least another 25% of the adult population). Do they count?

Anonymous said...

Best reason to be glad you're not Muslim and single:

PepGiraffe said...

Don't know if I am just being contradictory, but the webpage you directed to says that unmarried adults headed up 50.3% of the nation’s **housing units** last year while married couples occupied 49.7 percent, not that singles outnumber marrieds. To be fair, you'd need twice as many single heads of household as marrieds households just to get to 50/50. Or I'm tired and confused. That's how I read it though.