Thursday, May 11, 2006

Shomer Negiah Blog Profiled in Jewish Week Column

...but not in my column. This time, the Jewish Week profiles NJG, giving a rundown of her site. When was NJG's last post? February. And wait, who's their singles columnist, anyway? I forget... For those of you who've been waiting for more about NJG, how she's doing and what's going on in her life since her last post, well, don't look here. If you've been reading her all along, you'll find nothing new here. And this is why print media is dying a slow death; because things hit the blogosphere first, run their course, and then are profiled in the print editions, finally reaching those who are "internet-resistant." Don't get me wrong, there are those people who will always want to hold the newspaper in their hands, or toss it to the bathroom floor when they're done, and listen to it make a satisfying "thwap" sound that says "I so read that paper." But in terms of showing the world something new? It's all about electronic media, kids. The new revolution--journalistic or sexual--will be blogivised. I know. I'm preaching to the choir.


VJ said...

Oh Yeah. 'We still like to plow with the mules for the leisurely pace'. 'That electric light will never be as bright or as reliable as the gas lamp'. 'I can see no real future for a commerical aviation, it will always be just a plaything of the rich'. And on, and on & on... Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

Warren Burstein said...

I greatly prefer the sound that a monitor makes when you throw it on the floor.

drumbumJ said...

i've been thinking about this for a while - about the new information revolution being blogivised. it's inevitable but i have one question: does anybody question the reliability and acountability of the blogosphere?

it just seems like print media had more accountability (yes, of course there are the stories we all know about misinformation but it seems that was the exception to the rule). i'm personally disturbed by the whole blogivised revolution. maybe it's just my naivete that makes me assume that the other forms of media are reliable.

Lyss said...

a good blog can be just as reliable. just ask Dan Rather.

(I'm referring to FontGate- CBS News + President Bush + fake letter)

Needsabetterjob said...

I don't agree w/ your thesis. The Jewish press simply sucks.

The problem w/ the blogsphere is that there is too much.

People want the gist, w/out all the pandemonium.

They will always take the newspaper.

I could be wrong of course. But the blogsphere is simply too much to read. It leads to frustation, so you look for some journal.