Sunday, May 21, 2006

Gotta Get a Gimmick

They say there's no such thing as a free lunch. But Babe Scott wants her due, from you, and you, and you, and you, and you. (That's five of you. Times twenty.)
The Web site Babe has set up,, demands exactly that: She wants 100 guys to take her to 100 fancy restaurants and she'll blog about them afterward, maybe squeeze them into a book. She may even find Mr. Right.
She may find Mr. Right. But she'll milk a lot of guys for free lunch before she admits it.
Because that's her gimmnick. Look, there's enough men in the world. She can have a hundred of them. I don't need a gimmick. Or maybe I do, but don't want one. At any rate, I bet she gets a TV show before I do. Which might be a good thing.


a guy said...

That woman is not attractive in the slightest take a look

Nice Jewish Guy said...

We've all heard it before... there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

VJ said...

I don't know, she seems like such a nice lass, but according to NY Law, I really think that might be pandering, right? At the very least it's a business, and she probably needs a license and some extensive paperwork in NYC. I say she obviously needs a lawyer first!

Another nice girl gone wrong:


Cheers, 'VJ'

Simcha said...

I'll gladly take you to lunch, or dinner or breakfast, if you'll give me a good chuckle. To the coffee shop of your choice.

Hope your shtick at Makor went well. I was gonna come, but went to Monty Lazar's choral concert at Tully and couldn't afford both. Now you know why I'm single.

Anonymous said...

She's not my type at all, and I find her attitude pretty offputting.

Shaun Eli said...

She lost me by saying "Fancy restaurants" instead of "Good restaurants." I was all set to take her to one of NYC's best restaurants, John & Joe's Pizza, but she'd have to find her own way to The Bronx.

Oh, and her taste in Champagne doesn't coincide with mine.

-Shaun Eli
Brain Champagne: Clever Comedy for Smart Minds (sm)

King of Queens said...

Rock on! I'll work down the block from John and Joes!

King of Queens said...

Awesome! John and Joes rocks!

Ricardo said...

Can't say I dig this gimmick since I'm suspicious that this is more about scoring free meals at fancy places. I think the best gimmick is just being you which is cliche but effective.