Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blog Night: Help Me Choose...(Part Deux)

Greetings, loyal (and new) readers... I'm pleased to announce that I'm scheduled to do a reading at the JCC's Lit Cafe Blog Night, co-featuring Stephanie Klein. And I've been asked to read some of the highlights from my blog (er, blogs). So now's the time for all good blogreaders to come to the aid of their--um, me. Over at My Urban Kvetch, I've taken the liberty of compiling links to a few posts that I'm considering reading. I'm doing the same for JDaters Anonymous so that you guys can see what I'm considering in terms of material. Feel free to vote, or nominate your own favorites...and come by to this FREE event on March 30th to hang out with Stephanie and me as we blogjourney before a live, wine-soaked audience. Back at Nothing The Vanishing In the Air Refraction Got others?? Share your favorite posts here...


Simcha said...

I really like "The Vanishing". You could do an on-the-spot improv with your beer-soaked audience, and the best answer gets a beer and french fries on the house.

Just for the heck of it:
1. I'm working 2 jobs.
2. I'm seeing somebody VERY seriously (someone who doesn't mind that my computer is continuously logged into JDate).
3. I actually like you, but you would NOT impress my
A. Mother.
B. Friends.
C. Old classmates.
D. Make a suggestion.
4. You don't hang on my every word.
5. You DO hang on my every word. And take them literally.
6. Etc.

annabel lee said...

My favorites (in addition to "The Vanishing"):

CAGE MATCH: JDatersAnonymous vs. JDate
How You Got Here
The Single Gal's Survival Guide

Chutzpah said...

why are only 20's and 30's invited to Cafe Lit? maybe I'll sneak in an secretly up the median age in the room. I am soooo out of everyone's demographic. time to go sulk with my 40-something self. And, I think I officially the oldest person on myspace to make it worse. Too hip for my own good, sigh....

Esther Kustanowitz said...

Hey, I thought I was the oldest person on myspace...

Chutzpah, if you help with the assignment in the title, I'll let you in even though you're not 20 or 30. It's just a suggested age range: believe me, there will be men in their 40s there. The age range is just to indicate the kind of crowd they expect...