Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Random Dating Thought of the Day

An estimated 75 percent of the profiles I click on on JDate are Geminis. What does this mean? That Gems are more likely to use online dating, or that I'm more attracted to Geminis, even through only a photo and a few lines of text?


Anonymous said...

If you count 'em up I'm betting it does not add up to 75%. But perhaps you're attracted to these sorts of Geminis. Which of course can't make too much
logical sense because since when did a Greco-Roman system of astrology ever coincide well or predictably with 'personality types'. Show me a person
who takes this stuff seriously, and I'll show you someone who does not know science well enough. (There's only one viable exemption for Historians of
Science and such). I had a dear friend in University who took these things far too seriously for my taste. It was about the least attractive thing about her. Cheers, 'VJ'

Warren Burstein said...

Is there a way to indicate "I don't believe in this, it is both prohibited by Judaism as well as foolish, and if you still want to know, we're not suitable for each other."?

annabel lee said...

It could be a Gemini plot to take over the world, one single Jew at a time. Or, y'know, coincidence.

Chutzpah said...

I am a gemini and I can tell you that every time I get a decent relationship going, my evil twin does something to screw it up. For example, I recently accused a fantastic partner of being gay because he didn't seem to be able to seem me more than once a month. The good twin would have patiently waited until he was able to give more time when he finished his projects, blah, blah, blah...the evil twin wants her needs serviced on demand.

To make it worse, now I am stuck with an extra ticket (3rd row center Orchestra, $100 bucks) to the Tom Jones Concert on Feb. 14th at the Nokia Theatre. I will therefore be entertaining offers to join me for an all expense paid evening that night. I guess I'll have to put up a blog and call it "Are you my Tom Jones escort?" to screen the applicants, all one of them and he probably will claim to run a Canadian bus company.

Nice Jewish Guy said...

Well, I dunno.. I don't put all my stock in things astrological, but I will tell you that of the three deeply serious relationships I've had in my life (including my marriage), the two best ones were Leos (the worst was my marriage). I'm noticing as well with dating that I seem to be hitting it off with Leos.

And Warren, astrology isn't "prohibited" per se. The Talmud and other figures (Rambam) discuss the Mazalot and things associated with them. Adar is Mazal Dagim (fish, or Pisces, which usually coincides in the month of Pisces).

Any Leos out there wanna hit me up? ;)

Anonymous said...

OK this was funny, and I still know I'm going to regret saying this but... Umm Chutzpah, you sleep with that evil twin, right? And yes, accusing a 'fantastic partner' of being gay is not the best way to garner future dates. Cute & funny though it may be, up close, not as endearing. And needs serviced on demand? Not even our most revered prophets ever enjoyed such devotion. But thanks for sharing that.

Sorry about Tom Jones. Good to hear that he's still with us and still touring, such a trooper! Came in almost with the Beatles, and still going on touring, the Stones look to him for inspiration no doubt. Good luck finding a decent hetero guy to accompany you. He owns a slightly different segment of the audience that Liberace once cultivated, but it's not all that different when the options dwindle down at the end. They were contemporaries after all & goodnatured Vegas rivals.

So where is this Nokia Theater? Which 2-3 skin joints did it replace in Times Square?

Bus companies are notoriously difficult to keep going, but I'm betting that your ex(?) made a decent living at it in Canada. It's a good market as long as you know what you're doing.

Thanks again for sharing though. I still say astrology has nothing much to do with personality development, unless by a process of mutual convergence of expectations from overly gullible people. Cheers, 'VJ'

Chutzpah said...

My evil twin lives within. She comes out when angered, like when someone accuses Tom Jones of sharing an audience with Liberace.
WRONG! The Voice is producing new music with Wyclef Jean and is hipper than ever. His audience consists of 3 generations of women and men who appreciate a master vocalist accompanied by young and talented keyboards, drums and brass.
Noka is at 1515 Broadway, 44th & Broadway and we have the former Republican Mayor to thank for the regentrification of the area.
My friend who owns a Canadian bus company is just a figment of someone's imagination...he doesn't exist.
But you are right, I will try to tell my evil twin not to be so homophobic, but it's really hard when the majority of single men are most likely not into women.
And as far as my needs, if I wanted to have sex only once a month I would have stayed married. I am too young to be this unsatisfied.

Anonymous said...

So, so weird, because about 75% of the jdate emails that I receive are from scorpios or sagitarians. (Nov. & Dec. birthdays)... Ironically, in real life, I have a tendency to date scorpios and sags... also capricorns... but it's always a random coincidence that I don't even realize till after the fact... maybe there's something to it. I don't think I rec'd one email from a gemini, or cancer... I guess I'm not attractive to those guys.

Dave said...

Geminis are just the sexiest guys. ;-)