Monday, August 15, 2005

Redating, Reusing, Recycling

Ever date someone, know they weren't for you, but thought they were too good to throw away? Did you ever fix them up with a friend, or integrate them into a group of friends, hoping that they'd mingle and mate with one of your nearest and dearest? If you have, JDaters Anonymous wants you to answer these questions for a future article: 1) Who was the person and how did you meet (blind date, online, at a party, through friends)? 2) How many times did you go out with that person before deciding he or she was not for you? 3) Was there mutuality on the lack of romantic chemistry? 4) Did you have someone specific in mind for that person, or did you just think, "anyone but me"? 5) How did you successfully transition from "date" to "friend"? 6) Have you ever "recycled" a former date more than once? Is that date resentful or appreciative? 7) Have any of your instances of recycling resulted in committed relationships? Your reflections on "recycling" welcome, either in the comments section or via email. Feel free to forward to friends for their feedback... Thanks!


Lyss said...

I have done that, but don't remember the details too well. Once a friend and I 'switched' boys in camp when we were 16. The boys were cool with it too.

Anonymous said...

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