Friday, November 12, 2004


Divorcing Bridget Jones I'm really at a loss for words. OK, so I'm not at a loss for words exactly. I guess I'm just not really wanting to dignify a Craig's List posting like this one with a diatribe about men's sometimes-piggishly superficial tendencies or a pontification on what women's attributes are prized or lionized in this community. So great to know this guy is available, though. (And FWIW, the original Craig's List post has been removed. Thanks, Craig!) Via Defamer.

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Caryn said...

Shit like this makes me sad. And no words are necessary. It's very obvious to anyone with a functioning brain what is wrong with that post. I just can't believe there are men like that out there.

Strike that. I can believe it.
{sigh, again}