Thursday, November 11, 2004


Thanks for singing along with me on that one. I do appreciate the harmony. Hello there, and welcome to my article about Sunday's shidduch (match) conference. Were you there? Had you been in the past? Have you ever used a matchmaker? Weigh in with your observations here.

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Bronco Buddha said...

first (and last) experience with a professional shadchan offered this exchange after some of the preliminary questions.

Him: How tall are you?
BB: 5'6"
Him: Really? You look taller.
BB: Yes. I'm sure. 5'6"
Him: I thought you were more like 5'9" or 5'10"
BB: I always wished I was taller. But no. Actually, I'm only 5'5-3/4", but I round up the extra quarter inch becasue I usually wear shoes. So let's just say 5'6". Ok?
Him: Ok. If you're sure.

He proceeds to actually write down (which I saw with my own eyes) 5'7". That told me everything I needed to know. I never accepted a suggestion from him.