Tuesday, October 10, 2006

National Singles Week Recap

As you all may know, September held a week dedicated to us, all the singles out there... was it as fun for you as it was for me? I believe I met a few deadlines, earned a few theoretical checks that haven't arrived yet, attended a wedding where I was the only single person there, and looked in the mirror every morning, saying "Hey you. You're single. But it doesn't matter. Because you're good enough, smart enough, and goshdarnit, people like you." How did you celebrate? I also started a top five list of the best things about National Singles Week, and only came up with three. 1. No one knows about it, so no one will know if you don't have a date for it. 2. No cards or flowers necessary--all you need to celebrate is your own overwhelming sense of solitude! Just curl up in your bed alone and cry...hey, you've just celebrated National Singles Week! 3. It's the only weeklong holiday that doesn't require you to change your routine at all--just continue to register for online dating sites that you have no intention of paying to become a member of, sit around the house with your two favorite men (Ben & Jerry), and watch TiVoed episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Anyone else?


VJ said...

OK let's give it a go:

4.) The future is always filled with exciting possibilities and yet unrealized dreams.

5.) There's no explaining yourself to another. (In marriage, early on this may be due to unfamiliarity, later on it will be due to increasing deafness).

6.) You are always on a journey of self discovery, and indulging in your own thoughts. (OK only if you work this right). Most other folks though rarely have time to think most days.

7.)Little to no restrictions on your personal behavior at home. Want to lounge around in your undies eating ice cream out of the box? No one's there to reprove you!

8.) You don't really have to listen to anyone when at home, save for the occasional calls from parents or sibs. And these get more rare down through the years.

9.) You get to play your music, and listen and read 'your stuff' w/o much interruptions.

10.) You don't worry about the bus/fate and how it might interact with your Jdate/BF/GF/Husband/Wife etc...

Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

Nice Jewish Guy said...

11.) It's also the only weeklong holiday where you can drive, use electricity, and don't have to sit for four stultifying hours in shul, and then go stuff yourself into oblivion again and again.

12.) You can go to the bathroom with the door wide open (OK, I know, eww!)

13.) You can finish the last (insert food item or beverage here) in the frisge. Of course, you also have to run out and pick up more at some point.

14.) No need to hide your um, bedside toys.

Nu, ah gut singles veek!

Jennifer R said...

I celebrated by partying and drinking and yet STILL not meeting any hot men that week. Figures.

Anonymous said...

I celebrated by.... going to classes, doing a research paper on the embryonic development of the left arm, and, drinking alot of coffee... all that to get a solid, "B" for my efforts and to think, I could have gone out and spent 8 bucks on a movie to watch with 150 complete strangers. BLECH! Single life I think is the closest thing to Sheol we can experiance. A place of waiting in the cold, asleep, and no knowledge of what is going on around you, yup, sounds like my bed everynight. They give an entire week to those of us who are "fortunate enough" to "enjoy" single life. How nice....

rokhl said...

15. Having the bed to yourself, all week long.

16. Damn, someone already took the peeing with the door open thing.

17. Falling in love all over again with your best girlfriends from college now that they're here in NYC (yes, this really happened to me!! swoon!!)