Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Carnival's A-Coming...

...sometime over the next two days, I'll probably post the next edition of Mars & Venus Go To Shul: the Jewish Singles and Dating Blogcarnival. Things are starting a little slow with this carnival, because I've been traveling so much. But if you'd like to submit to this edition, please let me know. And if you'd like to host the blogcarnival on your blog, please speak up, kids! In the interim, here's something you might appreciate... We all say we're looking for someone who speaks our language. But maybe that's just a metaphor. Now we don’t have to limit ourselves. Or at least men don't have to thusly limit themselves: A new service called CuteOnly.com introduces Russian women to men all over the world using an online, automated translation feature. Hooray. (via Online Personals Watch)

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the old post, thank you.

One of the young ladies said she was a "sex positive" person (?) who liked having her feet massaged. A very pleasant way to start off my blogging day. Simcha