Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Me: "Hi, my name is Esther." Everyone else: "Hi, Esther." Me: "And I'm addicted to joining internet dating sites." OK, so I'm not addicted yet, but my rejoining of JDate this weekend (and a hot tip from P-Life) led me to check out Frumster, the "Orthodox" Jewish dating site. I even put up a profile, but so far, the profile I'm most impressed with is mine. It sounds conceited, I know. I didn't think finding an interesting profile that communicates something about a person was that difficult, but apparently I have very high standards. I'm compiling new items for my next list of "internet profile comments that irk me." For instance, someone who describes himself as a "gourmand," when he clearly meant "gourmet." Add to this the regular list of internet dating cliches, like "I love to laugh," and I'm hating this whole process anew. Still, I'm trying to be "out there," and open-minded. Even with the new category ("Traditional and growing"), I suspect most of the people on Frumster are too religious for me. Meantime, on JDate this week, a man who seemed very interesting and interested suddenly suspended his pursuit when he learned I wouldn't meet him for coffee on a Saturday afternoon--he's not even observing "the big holidays" these days, he said. Where's the middle ground?


Lyss said...

Frumster- how many pple from hs did you recognize on it?

Passionate Life said...

Esther, welcome to the Frumster family! It’s not that bad. For every 20 non-profiles (Non-Profiles = Too short, non descriptive, or just plain sad!) there are 4 or 5 decent ones.

Between JDate & Frumster at least you know you have all your bases covered. Frumster does sometimes seem too Frum even for me but it will pleasantly surprise ya every once in a while.

Thanks for your kind posts/comments recently about my blog. I will as always continue enjoying immensely the de-facto new Jdatesters Anonymous! ;-)

Anonymous said... has conservadox, conservative and a few other 'in-between' categories.