Friday, April 30, 2004

TIRED Tired of typos in profiles. Tired of lame-ass descriptions of what people like and don't like. Tired of superficial guys who "need a woman whose in shape." Tired of people who confuse "whose" and "who's." Tired of getting instant messages from guys with no pictures and who say nothing more than "hi." Tired of teases, which are pre-written and take no imagination. Tired of the guys who seem promising, who make me laugh over endless emails and who take no initiative in expressing a wish to take the laughter offline. Tired of having more fun IM'ing my JDate gal pals and discussing the problems we have with JDate guys than with said JDate guys themselves. Tired of men who can't muster up the effort to craft 100 words into a sentence about themselves. Tired of finding out the cool guy in California used to live in NY, but is now ensconced in the L.A. lifestyle and couldn't move back to NY even if he wanted to. Tired of emails from Rami in Hod Hasharon, who writes in Hebrew which is then rendered by my non-Jewish computer as gobbledygook. Tired of staying up late, hoping for stimulating discourse in the chatroom only to be treated to chatters finding ways to insert the word Hung (as in American Idol wannabe William) into movie, television and book titles ("Indiana Jones and the Temple of Hung!" one writes triumphantly), as if somehow this is acceptable pre-relationship banter. Tired of making the first move, tired of initiating contact only to be ignored, tired of sighing when I see the photos of the guys who have viewed my profile since my last login. Tired of being seen as a potential trophy wife by men in their 50s, while men in their 30s won't give me the time of day. Tired of hoping, tired of waiting. Just plain tired.

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